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Re: NEAM Today

Posted by Don Martin on Sun Apr 25, 2004 11:29:06 AM

In reply top Re: NEAM Today posted by Scott WRG Editor on Sat Apr 24, 2004 07:44:22 PM

: : How was the WIX gathering today?
: It was great, I will be righting up an article as soon as
: I get the pictures developed. Larry Webster gave us a grea
: t tour and we got to see quite a few interesting things (i
: ncluding some we can't talk about ;). I think we used koda
: ks daily production in film. Jacks Hack (the B-29) looks g
: reat.
: The Maine Screw Ball Militia made a strong showing, but sa
: dly the NH and NY WIXers were not to be found :( Maybe nex
: t time.
: I will post a notice when I get the NEAM article written.
: Scott

It was great to meet you, Scott. And as you are now aware of , The Militia tends to only venture into No Man's Land in force(The only way to survive these expeditions to the DEEP SOUTH!). Long Live The Republic Of Maine!
C.M.Sgt. Martin, M.S.B.M.
P.S.Another Thanks To Larry Webster and All at the N.E.A.M.

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