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Re: NEAM Today

Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Sat Apr 24, 2004 07:44:22 PM

In reply top NEAM Today posted by Pat Carry on Sat Apr 24, 2004 07:03:25 PM

: How was the WIX gathering today?

It was great, I will be righting up an article as soon as I get the pictures developed. Larry Webster gave us a great tour and we got to see quite a few interesting things (including some we can't talk about ;). I think we used kodaks daily production in film. Jacks Hack (the B-29) looks great.

The Maine Screw Ball Militia made a strong showing, but sadly the NH and NY WIXers were not to be found :( Maybe next time.

I will post a notice when I get the NEAM article written.


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