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Re: NEAM Today

Posted by Don Martin on Mon Apr 26, 2004 12:24:38 PM

In reply top Re: NEAM Today posted by Ryan Short on Sun Apr 25, 2004 07:36:25 PM

: Oh come on guys? Are you calling New England the DEEP SOUT
: H??? LOLRTF!
: At any rate, I think that based on your posts, you'd be mo
: re than welcome in a lot of the deep South.
: Long live the Confederate (er... Commemorative) Air Force
: and any others that keep the old birds flying (regardless
: of certain differences I have with some of them). I'll eve
: n cut slack for the Yankee Air Museum!
: J/K
: Ryan in TX...
: : It was great to meet you, Scott. And as you are now awar
: e
: : of , The Militia tends to only venture into No Man's Lan
: d
: : in force(The only way to survive these expeditions to th
: e
: : DEEP SOUTH!). Long Live The Republic Of Maine!
: : C.M.Sgt. Martin, M.S.B.M.
: : P.S.Another Thanks To Larry Webster and All at the N.E.A
: .M
: : .
The Deep South would be everything below Me., N.H., and V.T..
Below New England would be South America. And I, also, have the utmost admiration and respect for all of you(even our honorable enemies South of The Mason/Dixon Line!) who keep, maintain and fly Warbirds and antique/classic aircraft! Long Live the C.A.F., Y.A.F. and all the others!
P.S. You do know that Maine is the only state to go to war with Canada(The Aroostook War)?

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