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Re: Hey Greg.....

Posted by Gregory on Tue Apr 27, 2004 03:03:26 AM

In reply top Hey Greg..... posted by Rob Rohr on Mon Apr 26, 2004 06:33:06 PM


I was born in Providence longer ago than I care to remember and while living in CT I was fairly often at the Bradley Museum (now NEAM). In fact, that's the first place which let me touch airplanes and crawl through them, so I have a very soft spot for them (although I would love them to restore the Burnelli that still sits outdoors).

However, I have been in Europe for the last couple of decades, which makes it difficult to attend RI airshows and NEAM visits during the weekend. But I'll always be with you in spirit!


: Hey Greg,
: Are you from RI if so, do you plan on going to the RI Air
: Show if so we plann on haveing a Wix gathering at the Muse
: um.
: Cheers Col. Rohr MSBM

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