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Re: NEAM Today

Posted by Gregory on Mon Apr 26, 2004 01:07:56 PM

In reply top Re: NEAM Today posted by Don Martin on Mon Apr 26, 2004 12:24:38 PM

: The Deep South would be everything below Me., N.H., and V.
: T..
: Below New England would be South America. And I, also, hav
: e the utmost admiration and respect for all of you(even ou
: r honorable enemies South of The Mason/Dixon Line!) who ke
: ep, maintain and fly Warbirds and antique/classic aircraft
: ! Long Live the C.A.F., Y.A.F. and all the others!
: P.S. You do know that Maine is the only state to go to war
: with Canada(The Aroostook War)?

But I think Rhode Island claims the record for the longest period of independence - first to sign the Declaration of Independence and last to sign (or ratify?) the articles of Confederation.


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