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Its time to declare WAR on the USN..... long post

Posted by Rob Rohr on Mon Mar 29, 2004 07:50:25 PM

Hi All,

Well we all know what the USN is doing to Mr Crally.

Well its time to put a stop o the USN at all cost,and with all of are combine resources. This means that all of you Warbird owners who check the wix board and don't leave messages, well we need you to step up to the plate and speak out against the Navy because if they win this then your next.

If they win this then they have a list of Aircraft they want starting with the Yanks Air Museum or the CAFs SB2C also they will go after the CAFs F6F and one of their B-25s, from YANK their F6F and Corsair.

They also have talked about some items from POF and Museum of Flight.

So here is what we need to do first we need to get out to the National Press are side of the Story. We need to put the pressure on the Navy in the Press by releasing items about how they send NIS agents to musuem to bully them. How they have destroyed the PBM in Lake washington the dumping of the only Gun Nose P2V off the coast of Florida, the TBD mess I think we all get what I'm trying to say.

So here is what I sujest we do.

1) In every State in the Union have at least one person to file ownership claims on a Naval Aircraft are file a law Suite aginst the USN and Justic Dept. make sure the Press gets copys.

2) One of are Warbird Lawyers need to step up and rep. all of the Warbirds.

3) To all of are over=seas friends file claims in your courts with your National Gov. on ownership on USN aircraft on your soil. IE The Cats in the Scottish Locks

4) Pres, Press and More Press

5) At every Naval Air show picket outside and to all Warbird owners who plan on going to a Naval Air Station show cancel your appearance siting the USN policys towards Warbirds.

6) At all US airshows have a petion to force Congress to make the Navy change their ownership policies. Remember outside of NASCAR airshows attract the largest crowds. If you have a Warbird and are going to be Static then take along a petion.

7) Ask all of the Big Airshows IE EAA, CAF, Reno to cancel are appearances by Navy aircraft.

8) Get a Face to be on National TV, IE John Travolta,Mickael Dorn, Cliff Robison or better yet General Yeager.

Its time we take back are rights from these Megalomanic Navy Ass's.

If anyone knows Lex please tell him if he would like to store his aircraft up here on my property in Northern Maine. I can assure him that the Dept. of Jackass's and the USN would not even be able to step on it because its Kings Land charter which means are property was exist before their was an USA and is considera seperate county like Indian Territorys. Besides if they try they will be in for an Hell of a Firer Fight from me and some of my fellow Mainers. I'm willing to be a Martyr for the cause how about the rest of you.

So to Quota flight 91 " Lets Roll"

Cheers Rob

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