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Re: Its time to declare WAR on the USN..... long post

Posted by Tim Savage on Tue Mar 30, 2004 03:34:00 PM

In reply top Its time to declare WAR on the USN..... long post posted by Rob Rohr on Mon Mar 29, 2004 07:50:25 PM

If we want to be effective we are going to have to get some politicians to work with us. It is an election year, that is one thing we have going for us. We need to find an allie in the Senate and focus our effort son providing him all the information we can. Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma may be a candidate. He is an aviation enthusiast, pilot and warbird fan. He came out to Covington engines and spoke to us when the NATA gang flew our T-6s there last summer. I don't personally know any Congressman or Senators, but if anyone does, we should find one that will work with us and carry the banner to the Navy. That is the only thing that is going to change their mind.

I think if everyone writes there own Congressman and Senator, very little is going to happen.

The worst thing that we can do is start talking about guns and going out in a blaze of glory. That will only fall right into the argument that the DOD has had about warbirds for sometime. We are starting to make progress on the Warbird Demil bill. Lots not set that back with threats that we are going to get our guns out to defend our right to own warbirds.

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