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Posted by Rob Rohr on Tue Apr 27, 2004 08:02:26 AM

In reply top PNG Observations posted by Rob Greinert on Tue Apr 27, 2004 02:23:28 AM

Rob and AnyoneElse,

If these were true why would the Port of LA allow them to be unloaded, why would US Customs and US State department allow them to be un-loaded and if they are truely have been stolen why has'nt State arrested these people and charge them under the UNESCO Heritage theft act.

The reason is because they had all of the paperwork signed and it was legal.

I know for a fact that the PNG Goverment reps. here in the States have not filed any I repeat ANY court papers on anyone. I talk to the PNG Ministery for Cultural Affairs in DC sometime back and to his Knowledge their are no pending court case. Then I contacted the LA Federal Courts and they have nothing.

So I geuss it comes down to this Why do you and some other Down-Under pesist in makeing Statements that We here in the State are stealing ARE Heritage.

Just to let you in on something, the State Department of the Dept. of Defence are looking into declaring all Aircraft in the PNG area as property of the USA. The Japaness Gov. right now has a bill working in its low House to declare all WWII artifacts theirs. Under the UNESCO Heritage Act of 1970 Signee Counrtys can declare certain artifacts theirs.

If this happens then the USAF are going to go in a remove Swamp Ghost and bring back home.

Cheers Rob

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