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Re: No it would....

Posted by Jeff on Wed Apr 28, 2004 01:34:14 PM

In reply top No it would.... posted by Rob Rohr on Tue Apr 27, 2004 05:34:46 PM

Forgive me but I fail to see how allowing some-one to recover a P47 for instance helps them get a rare aircraft, unless they insist that you salvage the P47 you want and something they want at your expense.
Unless they do as the navy does and says " it's ours now you have retrieved it for us, so thanks for that, hand it over." or are they only likely to do that with a rare or extremely desirable airframe?
either way it seems sort of like saying " we abandoned it and ignored it till it became worth too much so now we'll go and get it if it is worth the effort and if not then we'll get some-one to do it for us at their expense." or something similar.
the only real policy with regards salvage of these airframes I have heard of is the navy one which to me is a bit unrealistic so if I make an error in this please forgive me and inform me.

: Jeff,
: No this would actually help everything because State would
: insisted that the DOD would be incharge of setting up sal
: avage rights and setting one set of rules. The Air Force a
: re pushing to have their policy adopted because as they ha
: ve pointed out this has help them recover MIAs and to get
: rare aircraft for the USAFM.
: Remmeber this would only apply to the PNG area no where el
: se. Now before anyone ask how can the USA get away with th
: is easy they are following what Greece, Egypt and a few ot
: her countrys have done under the UNESCO Historical Act of
: 1970. May I suggest that those who don't understand this g
: o to the UN web page look up the act and read it mind you
: its 700 pages long. I have a copy of it home, anyone who i
: s interested in doing recoverys should know this Docom. in
: side and out also get a copy of the Lend-Lease Act and get
: to know this also.
: Cheers Rob

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