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Good posting Rob!

Posted by Will on Wed Apr 28, 2004 05:16:33 AM

In reply top I've talk to................. posted by Rob Rohr on Tue Apr 27, 2004 08:02:26 AM

Excellent posting Rob, I really hope that the U.S govement are now going to take a pro-active stance on P.N.G airframes etc, as they are being damaged or destroyed at a shocking rate, its time for action!

Kind regards,


: Rob and AnyoneElse,
: If these were true why would the Port of LA allow them to
: be unloaded, why would US Customs and US State department
: allow them to be un-loaded and if they are truely have be
: en stolen why has'nt State arrested these people and char
: ge them under the UNESCO Heritage theft act.
: The reason is because they had all of the paperwork signed
: and it was legal.
: I know for a fact that the PNG Goverment reps. here in the
: States have not filed any I repeat ANY court papers on an
: yone. I talk to the PNG Ministery for Cultural Affairs in
: DC sometime back and to his Knowledge their are no pending
: court case. Then I contacted the LA Federal Courts and th
: ey have nothing.
: So I geuss it comes down to this Why do you and some other
: Down-Under pesist in makeing Statements that We here in t
: he State are stealing ARE Heritage.
: Just to let you in on something, the State Department of t
: he Dept. of Defence are looking into declaring all Aircraf
: t in the PNG area as property of the USA. The Japaness Gov
: . right now has a bill working in its low House to declare
: all WWII artifacts theirs. Under the UNESCO Heritage Act
: of 1970 Signee Counrtys can declare certain artifacts thei
: rs.
: If this happens then the USAF are going to go in a remove
: Swamp Ghost and bring back home.
: Cheers Rob

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