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Naval Wars part II

Posted by Rob Rohr on Tue Mar 30, 2004 09:27:53 PM

Hi All,

First thanks to all of my fellow wixers who have express the support both on here and those who have e-mail off line.

Now on to the matter at hand, first if the Higher Ups of the USNAM do read this post then maybe they should start figering out how they are going to get out of this. Also if they wish to come after me again then bring on but make sure you know what your bitting off.

Does anyone know the warbird pilots who are part of the Tail hook flights if so then we need to get letters off to them asking them not to do any Tail Hooks flight because its a Conflict of Interest.

Can someone who is alittle more elegant then me come up with a petion for anyone who wants to take it to airshows with them. Also can someone come up with a letter that can be sent to the variuos airshows asking them to cancel all USN aircraft apperances. I'll send them and pay for it if some one writes and e-mail its to me.

Can someone up in Washington State get the court case file # on the Fed case involving the dump birds in Lk. Washington.

I'm going to contact a friend of mine at the Washington Post to see if we can turn up the heat on the USN.

If anyone can think of anything else please either leave it here or e-mail me off line.

Cheers Rob

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