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Well, something is being done to W1048.....

Posted by Cees Broere on Fri Mar 26, 2004 01:03:18 PM

...from the 57resuce forum

I quoteL:

Thanks for the 'mine' info.

Yes I do have a special interest in W1048 TL-S
as I am a member of the Society of Friends
of RAF Museum Hendon, Aircraft Restoration Team.

We have recently removed the 'under wing'
universal bomb racks, taken them apart, cleaned and treated them with anti corrosion chemicals as part of
stabilising the whole aircraft for future generations to see.

The port rack was in better condition than the stbd rack, they both have cleaned up great!

Would the mines you mentioned have been carried 'under wing' or in the main bomb bay or both?

Dont suppose you know where I could get hold of a de-activated mine?!!!




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