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Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Wed Apr 28, 2004 07:01:43 PM

In reply top New Server Status (long) posted by Scott WRG Editor on Wed Apr 28, 2004 04:00:52 AM

: Currently I am working on getting the new server prepped a
: nd ready (this involves moving over 50,000 files so it cou
: ld take awhile). A big change is that in about a week or s
: o the registry will get its own URL (web address) which wi
: ll be www.warbirdregistry.org. I've also acquired the URL
: for www.warbirdinformationexchange.org (www.wix.org was ta
: ken unfortunately). When this new WIX url goes into effect
: it will be with some new software. I will let you know ho
: w things go and when the new URL's take effect (it takes a
: few days to have the info travel the world so computers k
: now where it is)
: One bad bit of news is that the company I chose to host wa
: s one of the only ones that had even a chance of running t
: he current forum software. Unfortunately initial tests sho
: w that the software is too old and is not supported. I wil
: l continue to look into it but it doesn't bode well. This
: means two things. The first is that I cannot move the warb
: irdsresourcegroup.org URL to the new server. To do so woul
: d make the forum inaccessible. Thus why I applied for the
: WIX url. This means that I will have to maintain both host
: s for the time being. The good news is that the google ads
: are successful and generating enough income to allow this
: (please support our sponsors :) With the Registry moving
: to the new server it will free up space that will allow th
: e WIX to continue.
: Hopefully the new software will be acceptable and we will
: move the forum to there and phase out this archaic and pro
: blematic software we currently use.
: So, in summary, the site will be changing greatly in the c
: oming months and if you notice and problems or broken link
: s please e-mail me and I will endeavor to fix them.
: Scott

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