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Re: CWH Bolingbrokes

Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Tue Apr 27, 2004 02:57:48 AM

In reply top CWH Bolingbrokes posted by Steve T on Mon Apr 26, 2004 07:20:59 PM

: Hi all--
: Once in a while a post is made asking about CWH's "other
: " Bolingbroke airframes stored at Mt.Hope. It's been surmi
: sed in the past that much of this material was lost in the
: 1993 hangar fire; this was not the case (there were some
: Boly parts in Hgr#3 at the time but they were on shelves i
: n the south bay where the Lancaster was and escaped destru
: ction, and most of the components were actually stored out
: doors).
: In any case, FYI, I was at Mt.Hope last Thursday and not
: iced that much of the spare Boly material has been moved f
: rom its former location near the firehall to a spot just w
: est of the firefighting practice dump (yikes?); it is now
: quite clearly visible from the stretch of Airport Road bet
: ween Glancaster Road and the Ontario Flightcraft hangar on
: the west side of the airport. Next time I'm up there I'll
: take binoculars with me for a better view of exactly what
: is there. There should still be parts of about six airfra
: mes...
: S.

Steve, if you can figure out which airframes are there could you let me know so I can update the registry. Thanks.


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