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CWH Bolingbrokes

Posted by Steve T on Mon Apr 26, 2004 07:20:59 PM

Hi all--

Once in a while a post is made asking about CWH's "other" Bolingbroke airframes stored at Mt.Hope. It's been surmised in the past that much of this material was lost in the 1993 hangar fire; this was not the case (there were some Boly parts in Hgr#3 at the time but they were on shelves in the south bay where the Lancaster was and escaped destruction, and most of the components were actually stored outdoors).

In any case, FYI, I was at Mt.Hope last Thursday and noticed that much of the spare Boly material has been moved from its former location near the firehall to a spot just west of the firefighting practice dump (yikes?); it is now quite clearly visible from the stretch of Airport Road between Glancaster Road and the Ontario Flightcraft hangar on the west side of the airport. Next time I'm up there I'll take binoculars with me for a better view of exactly what is there. There should still be parts of about six airframes...


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