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Another Dora-9 in lake Schwerin?

Posted by Harm Jan Strating on Tue Apr 20, 2004 10:55:51 AM

Hi all,

I have just been reading the february/march issue of the german magazine Jet & Prop. In it is a good article about the restoration of the Fw190D-9 for the Luftwaffe museum. As is widely known this aircraft was recovered from lake Schwerin in 1990.

The article states that it was originally thought that the aircraft that was recovered was the aircraft flown by Fw. Ostrowitzki of 3/JG26 that crashed into the lake on april 17th 1945. During restoration it was discovered that the aircraft was not Fw. Ostrowitzkis but was a machine flown by Uffz. Frob, black 8, werknummer 210968, 2/JG26 that was also lost in the lake on april 17th 1945.

This means that the machine of Fw. Ostrowitzki still lies in lake Schwerin. Does anyone know if there have ever been plans to recover this machine as well? Judging the condition of the recovered aircraft and the fact that the 190D-9 is a very desirable aircraft there might be a good opportunity to increase the polulation of this type.



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