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Re: Another Dora-9 in lake Schwerin?

Posted by Dave on Wed Apr 21, 2004 01:34:16 AM

In reply top Another Dora-9 in lake Schwerin? posted by Harm Jan Strating on Tue Apr 20, 2004 10:55:51 AM


I believe that a Luftwaffe base was located near the shore of the lake and that there are several types known to have crashed into it during the war , there are also reports that the Soviets salvaged several for scrap..although you would wonder why they would bother ! According to Axel Urbanke [ I think ] there are a couple of other D-9s known to be in this lake or one nearby ..hopefully one day someone will do a sonar survey ..although the Germans don't seem too keen on raising them , thee are several other known good condition Luftwaffe aircraft in German lakes , but I would think they are there to stay until the stigma of the Nazi era disappears..which will be a long while yet ;-0 [ Unless a private concern can get permission.]


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