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Re: Hi all - warbird movement world wide

Posted by Jeff on Tue Apr 20, 2004 02:53:50 AM

In reply top Hi all - warbird movement world wide posted by john parker on Tue Apr 20, 2004 01:55:50 AM

Hi John,

another colonial here and thanks for the pics you have been putting on webshots btw.

: I have been reading on this and other forums about the num
: bers of Warbirds shifting around at present , particularly
: after Wanaka and the influx of UK machines into NZ..

I agree that this is great news for us over here and aids in the ability of all to apreciate these fine machines.

: As a colonial I realise I have to stay in my place on this
: one but I am of the view that this movement is a great th
: ing and nothing to worry about. One of the benefits of liv
: ing in a Banana republic (Australia) is that our $ is wort
: h about less than its weight in fresh air. This facilitate
: s an influx of warbirds coming here and NZ for rebuild , g
: rowing local restoration firms and interest and by extensi
: on growing the local warbird numbers as well as public int
: erest.

This might well be due to the age of the machines and the need to prevent such tragedies as have been happening. afterall no-one wants to see any of them destroyed or grounded by shoddy workmanship.
Unfortunately, even though I recognise that these machines are priceless and irreplaceable at times and are the jewels in their owners eyes, there may be some people willing to compromise the work done to them in cutting corners during their restorations. I am NOT saying it is the case or common or anything like that but having been involved in non destructive testing I can safely say I do know of some instances where it has been "suggested" by people of authority that the items are servicable when they are right on the limits of what is acceptable and incidents have occurred because of not paying attention to the warnings issued at the time of testing. This might be one reason for such stringent regulations.
Before you ask one such incident as I described has occurred here and no it was not in a warbird but in a much more comprehensive and involved industry, more dangerous one too.

: From my discussion with owners and rebuilders of warbirds
: some negative comments are often voiced about the certific
: ation processes in the UK which seem to be hampering both
: UK rebuilders and overseas firms (just ask Flugwerke). Saf
: ety is vital but surely the processes need to be looked at
: if this many people are complaining.

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