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Hi all - warbird movement world wide

Posted by john parker on Tue Apr 20, 2004 01:55:50 AM


I have been reading on this and other forums about the numbers of Warbirds shifting around at present , particularly after Wanaka and the influx of UK machines into NZ..

As a colonial I realise I have to stay in my place on this one but I am of the view that this movement is a great thing and nothing to worry about. One of the benefits of living in a Banana republic (Australia) is that our $ is worth about less than its weight in fresh air. This facilitates an influx of warbirds coming here and NZ for rebuild , growing local restoration firms and interest and by extension growing the local warbird numbers as well as public interest.

Interest in Warbirds and restoration is booming in Australia and NZ at present and this activity feeds the UK and US market as well.

I do however sound a note of caution in the UK.

From my discussion with owners and rebuilders of warbirds some negative comments are often voiced about the certification processes in the UK which seem to be hampering both UK rebuilders and overseas firms (just ask Flugwerke). Safety is vital but surely the processes need to be looked at if this many people are complaining.

Just my thoughts ............anybody else?

Kindest regards
John Parker

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