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News Bits from the Canada Aviation Museum

Posted by Mike Henniger on Thu Apr 15, 2004 07:50:49 AM

I had a good time at the gala last night. The volunteers there had a group picture taken with Marc Garneau and Michael Potter. There was a very nice dinner, and a good time had by all.

I did pick up on some news during the dinner which might interest you...

#1: Although no final plans have been made the museum knows there is a strong interest to see the Mosquito display, rather than be burried in the storage hanger. So there is a good chance we will see it on display after aircraft are shuffled around when some go into the new storage hanger.

#2: Before all planes go into the new storage hanger the Lancaster will be getting some attention. The museum recognizes that the markings are not accurate (although I don't know those details). There are plans to repaint all or part of the Lanc and the new storage hanger will be used to do this.



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