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Re: P-40F-15 S/N 41-19830

Posted by Don on Fri Apr 02, 2004 12:53:27 AM

In reply top P-40F-15 S/N 41-19830 posted by JACK COOK on Thu Apr 01, 2004 11:57:03 PM

Give the folks here a try;
Grant High Alumni Association. Should still be someone around.
I didn't leave there but some 15 miles east in the 1940-50s.
I remember going by Grant and seeing an airplane or so.
I thought it might have been Grant Tech College
Too young then to tell the type.
I've often thought about them.
I would like to know what all they had.
I'll have to give them a call and see if they have any old yearbooks in trier library. Maybe a photo in one.
Also would be interested in see the photos you mentioned.
Best regards,
El Dorado, Ca.

: Any of you folks out there have any info on the fate of th
: is P-40F. This particular bird was the hightest scoring A
: AF P-40 with 16 kills. It served with the 44th FS on Guad
: alcanal and Munda. As #111 it was named Destitute Prostit
: ue on the left side and the Reckless Prostitute on the rig
: ht. The assigned pilt was Lt Jack Bade and the crew chief
: was SGT Jim Cooley. My next door neightbor Cy Gladen sco
: red his first 2 kills in this airplane. When the 44th swi
: tched to P-38s in Nov. 1943, #111 was returned to the stat
: es and used in war bond drives. After the war it was used
: has an instructional tool at Grant Union High School in D
: el Pasa Heights, CA. It was reportly scrapped in the 1950
: s. I have wartime photos if anyone's interested.

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