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P-40F-15 S/N 41-19830

Posted by JACK COOK on Thu Apr 01, 2004 11:57:03 PM

Any of you folks out there have any info on the fate of this P-40F. This particular bird was the hightest scoring AAF P-40 with 16 kills. It served with the 44th FS on Guadalcanal and Munda. As #111 it was named Destitute Prostitue on the left side and the Reckless Prostitute on the right. The assigned pilt was Lt Jack Bade and the crew chief was SGT Jim Cooley. My next door neightbor Cy Gladen scored his first 2 kills in this airplane. When the 44th switched to P-38s in Nov. 1943, #111 was returned to the states and used in war bond drives. After the war it was used has an instructional tool at Grant Union High School in Del Pasa Heights, CA. It was reportly scrapped in the 1950s. I have wartime photos if anyone's interested.

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