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Welcome Mike and ...................

Posted by Rob Rohr on Tue Mar 30, 2004 09:44:36 PM

In reply top navy policy posted by mike rawson on Tue Mar 30, 2004 01:47:58 PM

Hi Mike,

Welcom to the board, I followed you case with much interest, I think you case can be used along with a few others out their.

As for being a lose cannon about ten years ago the navy sent their goons to my parents place to have a talk about some Naval parts I retrived from afew sites. My Father told them I was'nt home and to come back, so what did these ass's do they wait in my yard till I got home were they started asking me all sort of stuff at that point I informed them that I wasn't a memeber of the USN or USM and they could not talk to me. Thats when it got interesting they threaten to arrest me there on the spot. At this point I told them to leave are property or I was going to call the locl Police and the State Police. Well they did'nt like that and told me that they would be back with a warrent. Well they did'nt get the warrent because I wasn't an actuve duty USN/USM.

Does this make me alose gun I guess but we need all types of people to fight this. The calm people who will go to court and fight the ones who are going to work behind the scenes and people like me who like to get in their face and make them take me on my terms not theirs.

Thats why I'm asking for us to start picking outside the gates on the USNAM and canceling airshow items. If we all work at different item for the common cause like are founding fathers then we will win.

Once agian welcome and if you have time please e-mail me off line I would like to get more information on your case.

Cheers Rob

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