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navy policy

Posted by mike rawson on Tue Mar 30, 2004 01:47:58 PM

well here we go again!!my best advice at this point is that lex will need all the financial support possible.if there is a agressive leagal rep looking to make a name for himself and take a shot at changing not only a foolish policy of so called preservation but more importantly derailing the main source of the problem.we all know who and were this policy of keeping the presevation of naval aviation history and artifacts out of the private sector comes from.first issue please no loose cannons!!!lex needs financial and factual support, drama can come off as a negative in court room .if theres someone man enough for the challenge please step up now!!the legal rep in the a25 case took it on that if we lost we owed him nothing if we won the u,s. navy was on the hook!!he won the case the u.s.navy paid his fees the a/c is almost totally restored and on its way to the u.s. air force museum!!if we would have lost the a/c would have been recycled and lost forever thats one fine presevation policy!!instead the u.s. navy no longer has a sb2c on disply but soon the u.s.a.f. museum will have a ultra rare sb2c-1a on display thanks to the private sector!!!their point was that they didnt want the rare and valueable a/c to fall into the wrong hands!!(mine not the junk mans)well the rest is history to view it type in mike rawsons sb2c project in your search box!we need to change these ego generated policys and recover restore not only the downed navy birds but also the japanese relics desolving in the pacific if we wait any longer nothing will be left this emotional war grave site,leave it were it crashed mentallity is going to rob us forever of these rare a/c!!lets all take a stand and support Lex and who ever want the chance to become the pioneer to stop this policy of death for the remaining naval a/c still out there waiting to be recovered!!thanks for your time mike

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