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Posted by Mike Henniger on Tue Mar 16, 2004 12:26:19 PM

As Eric hinted in another post, I made trip to the Halifax in Trenton last Saturday with a bunch of people from Project North Star.

I was kept very busy getting pictures of NA337, which I have posted in two Webshots albums. You can find them at my webshots public community page at...


...or click the link below.

The first March 13th album features a walk around, and walk through of the forward fuselage. The second March 13 album features a walk around and view inside of the remainder of the airframe.

I tried to include comments when I knew what I was looking at, but in a few cases I had no idea what equipment I was looking at, so help me out to fill in the gaps. Also try viewing the pics in order as I tried to make the comments sound like a walking tour guide.

Cees... My shots of the cockpit are not very good (which of course is what you were looking for). I'll blame low light, but I also may not have been as still as I should have been. I might get a chance to stop by in a few months and I will try again then. That might be better as there wasn't much in the way of panels installed in the cockpit anyway.



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