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Posted by Graham Orphan on Wed Sep 05, 2001 11:15:33 AM

I regularly scan the various boards for things of interest but in particular, the root of my particular perversion, the Curtiss P-40 series fighters. In my woefully biased opinion, the Kittyhawks/Warhawks/P-40s/all of the above (take your pick) represent the warbird that will make the biggest comeback we've ever seen in the years to come. I believe there are 17 active examples presently flying (several in the Parish/Champlin category - registered and airworthy but not active hence caution on exact numbers) and at least another two dozen under active restoration to airworthy condition. Why then does the type seem to attract so little attention on discussion boards and elsewhere? Likewise, when we advertised a project P-40 recently, relatively few serious people responded (lots of time wasters I'm sorry to say). Obviously, I'm pretty smitten with these machines and mindful of their history, their excellent flying qualities and their relative ease of restoration, I can't help wondering why there isn't more interest in the Curtiss Hawks - or is it just my imagination? I'd welcome your comments folks!

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