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Buried Spitfire's.......'ere we go again!

Posted by Graham ODriscoll on Wed Sep 05, 2001 04:07:39 AM

Just had an e-mail from a friend (not avaiation enthusiast), the juicy bit I have extracted as follows below. Don't have an identity for these persons concerned, but, who knows, could yield something, any ideas?

"This morning I received a long call on my mobile phone (my fixed telephone+fax line is unavailable until 18 September) from an Englishman with whom I had been in touch months ago. After having eaten with "nr.2" and other top generals of the Burmese government, he has obtained all the authorizations to dig the ground at Mingaladon (Rangoon) airport, where the British burried 6 Spitfires in 1947. The emplacements have been accurately located with an appropriate radar. Other aircraft were burried in a small airfield, little north of Mingaladon. It is also cleared for digging. More aircraft "tombs" have been spotted in the east of the country. The Englishman is now looking for financial partners willing to share the adventure cost... and expected high profit. No suggestion ? The operations should start in February 2002, excactly when I shall be there for the next Burma Road expedition."

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