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Re: New Forum Software

Posted by Christer on Tue May 04, 2004 04:22:10 AM

In reply top Re: New Forum Software posted by Doug R on Mon May 03, 2004 08:07:55 PM

I believe that the key word is CHANGE. I have visited a few forums that have changed and some loose "custormers", others don?t.
One forum that I liked to visit was closed and one or two replacements were set up. I don?t visit the replacements as often as I visited the "original" and I don?t contribute as frequently. Why ...... ?
Well, there is, like Mark pointed out, quite a few good forums out there and it takes some time to cover them all and I was probably using the change as an excuse for reducing my "work load".

It seems to me as the new format of the WIX is generally appreciated, only a few days have passed since the introduction and the membership is approaching the first hundred.

Most forum formats look and function in basically the same way but there are minor differences.
One example is the vBulletin Boards. You can choose the display mode of the individual topics but not for the forum as a whole. You can choose from "Linear", "Threaded" and "Hybrid".

"Linear" is like this forum.

"Threaded" will show a tree as we are used to on the old WIX but with the first post expanded at the bottom.
When You click a different post in the tree, it gets expanded at the bottom.
However, the different posts in the tree don?t get colour coded for being READ / NOT READ as we are used to.

"Hybrid" is a tree with all posts expanded below.

I have tried all of the different modes and am back to the default "Linear" mode.

The example above is only one out of maybe tens or even hundreds of conciderations when a choice of forum format is made and I?m convinced that Scott has made a wise choice, from both his perspective as the "working guy" and our perspective as the users.


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