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Re: New Forum Software

Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Tue May 04, 2004 01:11:32 AM

In reply top Re: New Forum Software posted by Doug R on Mon May 03, 2004 08:07:55 PM

Unfortunately its not a matter of choice on my part. On the old host we were running at approx 250% of allocated space and bandwith with no way to upgrade. The issue is the age of the software used in this forum. It is not supported any longer and in order to upgrade I had to move to a different host. I have researched forum software for the last few months and nearly all of them are in the style of the new forum. I have left the new forum open so that you need not register if you do not wish to and you can keep you e-mail hidden.

While the avatars are neat but there are numerous benefits to the new software. Current topics get moved to the top. Soon you will be able to insert pictures into your messages from your hardrive. Backing up the database takes minutes instead of 8 hours. You can edit your post. Hopefully searching will be more accurate. And most of all the forum is highly customizable and widely supported. I will be trying to modify the appearance of the forum as time goes on and my knowledge increases. I hope you will use the new forum but if not then I understand.

Scott WRG Editor

: You provide a great service, and this is your show so you
: can run it any way you wish, but the new software format i
: s the same as. or similar to, the MustangsMustangs forum,
: and when they made the change I tried if for a while, but,
: soon, I quit going to that site completely.
: Just my opinion, not a flame, please don't take it as such
: .
: Thank you for all your efforts.
: Tailwinds,
: Doug Rozendaal

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