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Re: Paul Allen collection

Posted by Nicolai on Sun May 02, 2004 10:36:25 AM

In reply top Paul Allen collection posted by Nicolai Musante on Sun May 02, 2004 09:43:53 AM

Ah, now I see it was already mentioned a while ago... sorry.

Rumours say, that the collection holds a P-61 Black Widow that was found sitting complete in a barn somewhere down in Oregon. The owner originaly bought the a/c to use it as a sprayer, but this never materialized. When Paul Allen heard about this he allegedly sent a 100.000$ check to the owner just to hold the aircraft with a contract stating that the current owner would keep the check no matter of the outcome of the negotiations that were to follow on the purchase. The P-61 should be in great shape, props turning and control surfaces moving... Well, all this is just a rumour so who knows...


: I have been away for two weeks on vacation in Washington s
: tate amongst others. Not sure if this is old news by now:
: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2001908595
: _collection21m.html
: Apparently the Paul Allen collection at Arlington, WA is n
: ow open to the public. Did I visit ??? No...didn't have ti
: me... but hey, just another reason to go back ;-)
: /Nicolai

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