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More Washington D.C. Webshots (also on new board)

Posted by Brad on Sat May 01, 2004 12:34:35 AM

I made it to the Navy Museum to see the Corsair and Baka bomb. The museum is easily one of the best I've ever seen. Around the corner is the Marine Corp museum, they have the Iwo Jima flag from Joe Rosenthal's famous picture on display.

I was able to get permission to get into the Marine Air-Ground Museum down in Quantico, Virginia. Because of the upcoming move to the new museum, all the planes were covered in plastic. Some of them were partially disassembled. The lighting wasn't the best for pictures, but beggars can't be choosers so I did the best I could. From what I was told, all of the flying machines except for one helicopter will be suspended from the roof of the new museum when it opens in 2006. I saw some of the drawings for it, it will really be something to see.

I also spent some time at the Arlington National Cemetery, looking for the graves of some of my heros.


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