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Classic Flying Museum Propliners

Posted by Jim Reed on Thu Apr 29, 2004 08:23:05 PM

The BAHF from Toms River NJ,now owns & operates 2 classic Proptransports from yesteryear,as Flying Museums,on a mission of History,Education & Rememberance of the 1948/49 BERLIN AIRLIFT. Inside the C-54 Skymaster, named the "Spirit Of Freedom" are many displays,memorabilia & showcases on exibit. Also,soon to take to the skies once again when the project is complete is the BAHF Boeing C-97G STRAT,named the "Angel Of Deliverance" which will become a "Flying Museum" of COLD WAR History & memorabilia on exibit. Those 4 huge P&W 4360 engines that power the big STRAT soon will turning in unison once again.The BAHF is a non-profit, private,all volunteer membership Foundation dedicated in preserving these 2 great classic proptransports & flying them to Airshows throughout the WORLD! All Folks are welcome if interest is generated to get involved as help & support is needed to get this great Boeing Propliner back into the skies once for the WORLD to see & hear! See us at www.spiritoffreedom.org for pics & info. Much THANKS, JR

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