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Project North Star Notice

Posted by Mike Henniger on Thu Apr 29, 2004 09:47:37 AM

I received this notice in my email this morning. I thought there might be some outside interest in the subject here on WIX, so I thought I would post it. If there is anyone in the Ottawa area that has thought of volunteering you can contact Robert Holgren, Dorothy Barker, or even myself.



To All PNS Volunteers

We are ready to begin!

Starting in May, PNS and CAvM will be starting the process of conserving the North Star. We will be working on the airplane in her present location until the new hanger is ready. The tasks planned for this summer are those that can be accomplished outside when the weather is suitable and prepares the a/c for work once inside the new hanger.

We are ready to proceed with forming teams to accomplish the following tasks.

Ground Equipment: Six volunteers are required to assess, clean and repair as necessary, ground support equipment such as stands, scissor lifts, cranes etc. that we hope to acquire shortly. The equipment will have to be moved and set up for use on the airplane.

Airframe: Six volunteers are required to access areas of the a/c that require removal of contamination by birds etc. A company will be contracted to pressure wash the affected areas. Cleaning and polishing of the exterior of the a/c will be accomplished over the summer. We are waiting for the results of air quality testing of the interior before we can plan for work inside.

Markings: Six volunteers are required to map all markings on the airplane. This will entail examining the a/c for any trace of labelling or markings that may have faded or worn away. They will be traced, photographed and accurately located for duplication after the a/c is cleaned and painted in its original colours. Research will be required to ensure accuracy.

All volunteers will be required to qualify for Museum volunteer status to attend training required for health & safety, WHIMIS as well as museum orientation and conservation practices. Selected individuals will be qualified in first aid/CPR and equipment operation. This will ensure compliance with workplace regulations and insurance requirements.

Projected course date is May 4/04. This will be confirmed.

This is the start of the restoration program of the North Star aircraft. It has taken many hours of work behind the scenes to bring us to this point and we are very happy to welcome your participation in bringing the North Star back to life.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator
Dorothy Barker: 613 237-5242 e-mail dobar@ncf.ca

Robert Holmgren
The Project North Star Assn. of Canada
(613) 748-5972

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