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Webshots from Washington D.C.

Posted by Brad on Thu Apr 29, 2004 12:03:35 AM

I'm still here in Washington D.C. for another week. I went to both of the Air and Space museums a couple of days ago. The Udvar-Hazy addition to the NASM has to be seen to be believed. Lot's of stuff to see.

This morning I went for an hour and a half low level tour of the Potomic River and surrounding area in a Huey belonging to the 1st Helicopter Squadron.

Tomorrow I'll do the Navy Yard and if my luck holds out, the Quantico museum in a couple of days.

Non aviation related wise, I spent several hours walking the Bull Run battle ground in Manassas Virginia two days ago. Also got to see the big women's protest this last weekend. That was quite an experience!

I just put a few pictures up on webshots.


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