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WIX Post Message "Feature"

Posted by Mike Henniger on Tue Apr 27, 2004 07:28:42 AM

All: WARNING... When you click the "Post Message" button in the edit screen while entering a message you are sent to a verification screen where you can preview your message. This screen is deceptively similar to the screen that you seen when the message is finally posted. I have been faked out a few times over the past few days and some of my messages were not posted. So be warned, this could be happening to you too. We want to see your postings so make sure to click the "Post Message" button at the bottom of the verfiy screen.

Scott: Would it be possible to create "POST NOW" and "Review First" buttons on the edit page where you enter your message. This might be the best of both worlds. As always thanks for making WIX available to us.



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