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Posted by Steve T on Tue Apr 27, 2004 06:16:36 PM

In reply top Re: Valiants and Arrows-that-got-away posted by Dan Jones on Tue Apr 27, 2004 05:43:24 PM

Hi again Dan--

: Do you still have the BT, or did it find a new owner?
: Yup, still got it - decided to keep her after all. Gonna
: name her "The Money Pit". :-)

Cool! It will be interesting to see which of the "Walt escapees" takes to the air first. At the moment the possible candidates are C&P's F-82, Jerry Yagen's B-25, Tim's O-52 and your Valiant. Nice to know one of them came to Canada and has stayed.

: (Of course, Tony Jarvis had to try and make me feel guilty
: about selling her too, so he's partly to blame!)

Guess it worked. Nice work Tony! :-)


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