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The door is closed?

Posted by Stephen C on Sun Apr 25, 2004 03:29:21 AM

In reply top PNG Closes The Door posted by Charles Wina on Sat Apr 24, 2004 06:26:43 PM

Well I thought that the door closed on these two particular persons some months ago, following the theft and scams they were pulling off?

Has it taken the PNG National Museum this long to decide?

(I know things take a long time to happen in PNG!)


: The National Museum here in Port Moresby has just terminat
: ed the salvage rights of two individuals operating out of
: Melbourne and known as 75 Squadron.
: They had previously secured the right to dig the dump at F
: inschhafen on the North coast. Due to iregularities and ot
: her misdemeanours the government has acted to end their ac
: tivities.
: More info soon
: Charles

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