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Don't count on it...............

Posted by Rob Rohr on Sun Apr 25, 2004 05:16:47 PM

In reply top Re: PNG Closes The Door posted by Mick on Sun Apr 25, 2004 02:29:33 AM

Hi All,

First I would'nt count on this being the end of anything going on in PNG.

As for the a/c they had export papers signed so their is nothing the PNG Gov. can do about it and does anyone really think they are going to go after these aircraft that are now in other Countrys. Lets Be Real people

Their might be a change comming soon from the US Gov. about all of their Aircraft in the PNG Zone of operations. I can'nt get into the details but its safe to say if George Bush is re-elected then you will see a new pro-active responce to the PNG problem.

Graham I e-mail you alittle about this sometime back, as soon as I hear from my sorces at State then I'll get back to you.

Cheers Rob

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