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Duxford Expansion

Posted by Neil Bridges on Sat Apr 24, 2004 06:34:56 AM

Hi all
Just received my latest copy of Duxford News from the Friends of Duxford and inside was news of more plans for expansion. With the work now started on the enlarging of hanger 1 I was surprised to find that there are now plans for the Airbourne Forces Museum to move from its present location at Browning Barracks which is to be sold off to Duxford.
The plan is for a purpose built centre going under the title of Airbourne Assault Duxford which will be dedicated to the airbourne forces. It is to be built near to hanger 1 near to the runway.
Also planned to move to Duxford are the Red Devils parachute display team.
Fund raising for this project is to start in the new year.

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