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FYI: Another Allison on Ebay (NOT the previous one)

Posted by JimN on Fri Apr 23, 2004 02:38:57 PM

Here's a promising Allison project engine for anyone looking. This one was removed from a P-39Q in 1944 with 339 HRS and then overhauled. Not used since overhaul, apparently. Located in the Michigan area.

Here is the description summary:
It is a V12 1710-85,It came out of a P39Q ww2 air craft.It had 399.7 HRS.when taken out for a major overhaul on 9-18-1944.It has not been run since major overhaul in 1944.The spec.tag has engine spec.-165-B,Propeller rotation- right,Blower ratio -9.61,Impeller dia.9.5. Last flew in CA.in 1944.Engine has carb.-starter-fuel pump and exhaust.

And here's the link to the auction.

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