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Since I don't read Swedish...

Posted by bdk on Fri Apr 23, 2004 11:56:12 AM

In reply top Recovery of a C-47 from 100 meters posted by Mikael Olrog on Fri Apr 23, 2004 11:35:13 AM

What is the process they use for freezing?

Also, is there an online translator for Swedish to English?


: Hi,
: Some time ago I wrote that the Swedish Air Force would rec
: over a C-47 (TP 79) on signal intelligence gathering missi
: on which was shot down by a Soviet Mig 15 in the 50's.
: The aircraft has been recovered from ca 100 meters depth a
: nd the crew is identified etc. What is interesting for a b
: roader audience on this board is the fifth and last photo,
: which shows how a section of the bottom has been frozen,
: so that it can be lifted abord and any pieces etc in the u
: pper 20 cm of the bottom sediment can be recovered for ana
: lysis.
: I don't know if this tecnique has been used for recovering
: aircraft before.
: Unfortunately most of the aircraft will probably be scrapp
: ed, some parts being preserved at the Flygvapenmuseum. I d
: on't think that there would be many other countries that w
: ould scrapp their history like this...
: http://www.sff.n.se/images_aktu_2004/DC-3_2004-04-20.htm
: /Mikael
: P.S. sorry, I don't know how to make a live link so you'll
: have to cut 'n paste.

The link

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