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Re: I'll call ya on that one

Posted by Rob Mears on Fri Apr 23, 2004 01:52:04 AM

In reply top Re: I'll call ya on that one posted by Dante Cosentino on Thu Apr 22, 2004 12:55:37 PM

There is. It's BuNo.124447 previously owned, restored, and flown by Glen Hyde of Dallas, Texas. He only spent about one year on the airshow circuit (1987-88) before donating (trading) the Corsair to the USMC Museum. I believe he received a number of UH-1 "Hueys" and T-28's in trade.

-5NL Corsairs are a bit rarer than the surviving -5N variants. The -5NL of course was the version fitted with the deicing gear that was put into service to combat the effects of the cold Korean winters during the 1950s. I don't believe any of the surviving -5NL's have retained this gear though.

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