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Spitfires in Burma - The latest..

Posted by Paul McMillan on Thu Sep 06, 2001 12:20:09 PM

Dr Clark kindly got back to me, I have posted his message below...

Paul, thanks for the message. The article in our
"Reporter" annoyed me rather a lot ... not only
did they promote me to Head of Department when
I'm not, but my comments on the GPR images were
mixed with someone elses', misunderstood, or
greatly inflated.

For the site of interest, GPR penetration is hugely
difficult. The soil is an iron-rich water-saturated
clay, just about as bad as it can be. Most commercial
GPR systems won't see more than 0.5-1m into that.

The images that David Cundall's commissioned survey
produced and that I've seen did NOT show "box-like images"
People will imagine, from those words, something areoplane-
or crate-sized at the bottom of a trench.

Nevertheless they did find place(s) in the top 1m or so
that had soil-layer disturbances consistent with being
the top of a backfilled trench ... that's 'necessary
but not sufficient' evidence, on its own ... but even so
a valuable guide as to where's worth more trenching or
carrying out more sophisticated geophysical surveys.
Both are entire possible, technically and logistically.

I'll pass on your contact details to David Cundall,
and hopefully something further can come of it.


Roger Clark

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