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kiwis getting a lot of rare birds going

Posted by john parker on Tue Apr 20, 2004 12:41:59 AM

Hi all

I read the post on the Fairy Gordon with much interest.

I recently visited the RNZAF museum at Wigram and they are working on a Vilderbeast and a Vincent - I will post pictures soon, one is partly restored in that the engine and rear fuselage frame are rebuilt and the other is not yet very advanced. Could the Vincent be the one being exported to the UK rumored in an earlier post or are there two?

The Kiwis seem to have the market cornered on big ugly pre war Pommie biplanes which is great - perhaps they will find a Valleta / Whitney / Wallace etc sitting in a shed soon

Does anybody know what happened to the Fairey 111 wreck that was existant in Australia about 10 years ago - I hope it is in a good home.

Kindest regards
John P

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