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Fate of 44-35852 A-26 Ocean City, NJ in 1960s?

Posted by Matt Poole on Fri Apr 16, 2004 02:54:32 PM

A while back I posted a query about this mystery Invader seen at the Ocean City, NJ airport in the mid-1960s. When I posted my message, I had no serial number and was going by memory, having misplaced two photos of my brothers and I standing in front of the dark blue aircraft.

I have found these photos, which show that this Invader carried the ID "852" painted on the starboard nosewheel door. In the photo the starboard wing obliterates most of the yellow serial number on the tail, but I can tell that the last three digits are almost certainly "852", matching the nose wheel door markings.

Per Joe Baugher's serial number compilation, I have concluded that this was 44-35852, a Douglas A-26C-50-DT Invader, but I know no further details of its ultimate fate. Presumably this one was scrapped. The salt air would have been brutal on the airframe.

Now that the serial is known, can anyone tell me what became of this airframe? Mere curiosity. Thanks.

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