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Re: Question on PROPOSED FAA rules

Posted by bdk on Thu Apr 15, 2004 12:25:01 PM

In reply top Question on new FAA rules posted by Roger Soupart on Thu Apr 15, 2004 08:29:01 AM

The following is to the best of my knowledge:

I don't think that you can fly PAYING passengers in an Experimental (or Limited) category aircraft unless you have a waiver (not very commonly granted) from the FAA like the CAF and Collings have received.

A DC-2, DC-3, Constellation, or Cessna 150 are not licensed as Experimental. This new rule would require all aircraft to meet scheduled airline standards for documentation (paperwork/reporting) and pilot drug testing for carrying passengers, including flights by museums or for charitable purposes.

I think that all transport category aircraft would have to meet the cockpit door requirements. Cockpit doors are specially designed for each aircraft and must be approved by the FAA. A generic door may fit, but the design and mounting would still need to be approved and tested. This is a very expensive process.

Charter flights (non-scheduled flights) would also be subjected to the new requirements. It appears that this ruling is coming about due to some helicopter scenic flight accidents they have had in Hawaii- nothing to do with charity flights, historic flights, warbirds, or scenic flights anywhere else. This is a gross overreaction by the FAA to an isolated problem.

: Those new laws which maybe prevent passengers of flying in
: warbirds in the near future, does these also influence fl
: ights in aircraft as eg the DC2 ,DC3,(super) Connie or oth
: er 40ties and 50ties type passenger aircraft flying with a
: "N" 9experimental) registration? Another queston, if thes
: e machines are allowed to fly passengers, do they have to
: be converted to the safety rules , like eg an armoured doo
: r between cabine and cockpit , that are now needed for tod
: ay's passenger aircraft? BW Roger

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