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Flugwerke 190 for the UK?

Posted by AndyG on Sat Apr 10, 2004 04:07:16 PM

I just peeled this off the Flypast forum: Apparently a letter from Claus Colling of Flugwerke in response to a request for information about flying a replica 190 in the UK. Anyone else heard anything?

"Dear Sir,

thank you very much for your inquiry in regards to a possible air-display of
the FW 190 in the UK. To the best of my knowledge and the most
recent "experiences" with the UK-CAA, I am more than hezitative to attempt
anything like that in the near future. Your CAA-people apparently have
invented flying and they are seemingly the only ones on mother earth who can
do things the right way in aviation.( Sorry for being so overly sarcastic
here...). So, as a result I have abandoned all attempts to sell any of the
planes to your country, as well as not trying to participate in your airshow
events. I know that most of your warbird/aviation-interested fellow
countrymen would greatly welcome such a siginificant bird like the FW 190,
but for the time being I have to turn everbody down....unless you may have a
good way, or know the right people in order to get these permissions with
lesser efforts.

This might possibly be a solution.

The FW 190 will fly for the first time within just a few weeks, hopefully and
I will "aire" the result immediately in the dedicated media, as well as on
the Flug Werk homepage.

No problem in regards to German or English languages - either way works fine.

Best regards

Claus Colling"

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