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Did anyone catch "Chris Barrie's Massive Engines" on

Posted by Paul McMillan on Sat Apr 10, 2004 10:59:18 AM

the Discovery Channel on Friday April 9th 2004

This featured the actor out of "Red Drawf' (Rimmer) and the Brittus Empire (he must live locally to me as I have seen him in my local Indian Restaurant - but I digress).

He was talking about aircraft engines and he started on the Rotary, then went onto Radial and then jets (featuring the Meteor NF11) (I do not know what happened to he in-line) but what got me was the fact that in 2 scenes he was watching while a pilot started up a WW1 Rotary and a Ford Trimotor Radial (P&W Wasp)

You did not see the pilots face, but the guy had LONG hair in a pony tail.. There is ONLY 1 guy that I knew like that.. can you guess? and yes the filming even took place at Polk City.

I even forgive the program the following 3 mistakes:

a) The Gloster Meteor was NOT the first Jet Fighter
b) The Sunderland/Sandringham did NOT have P&W Radials
c) The Hawker Fury/Sea Fury was not a WW2 fighter

The best bit was at the end with the pictures of the Fantasy of Flight engine store, amazing with all those engines on the shelves (it made the whole program worthwhile). Catch it if you can when it is shown again


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