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That issue made me raise my eyebrows too

Posted by JimN on Fri Apr 09, 2004 05:02:54 PM

In reply top Looks like it would make a nice display... posted by bdk on Fri Apr 09, 2004 01:24:20 PM

For such a valuable item, it seems a little careless to misplace the paperwork. You never know.

: I would steer well away from this one. No paperwork and ov
: erhaul not performed by a reputable aircraft engine shop.
: There is also a good chance that the major work already do
: ne might have ruined it if not done correctly.
: This would make a questionable core in my opinion. The buy
: er could be taking quite a chance with an aviation usage i
: n mind.
: : Just in case anyone is looking for an Allison for a new
: or
: : current project, I spotted this on Ebay. It's a 0-time
: re
: : build, but is missing both the data plate and paperwork.
: I
: : t's located in the Albany, NY area and is offered for $1
: 5,
: : 900.00 with the "Buy It Now" instant purchase option.

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