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Warbirds Worldwide - Backissues

Posted by JDK on Fri Apr 09, 2004 09:41:38 AM

I'm going to regret this!

I've just found a cache of back issues of Warbirds Worldwide in a cupboard. The spare copies are avaliable for sale; send me an e-mail with what you are after, and I'll see what I can supply.

First come first served, and thy won't be bargain prices because posting the mag costs (they are heavy!) Earlist issue avaliable is No.6, with several of the teens, twenties thirties and forty series.

I'm offering them here first, and I'll donate half of any recipts to Scott for WIX use.

Bear with me - I'm a busy man, but I'll get what I've got to those who want them ASAP.

Happy easter presents!


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